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About Us

Welcome to Movie Talk fellow Movie Buff!

There are a lot of movie related websites online. Many just offer movie related information for you to read and then go on your merry way. Others do have boards for you to respond in but lack any type of “community” feel.

At Movie Talk, we aim to offer both movie news and a close-knit community comprised of fellow movie buffs who have a passion for not just watching, but discussing and critiquing movies.

What makes us different you ask?

Very good question!

What you WON’T find is a mish mash of all other, non-related movie forum types. Our purpose at movie talk is to share, discuss, and critique movies so you will see precious little in the way of “other” type of content. Instead of “Other” Forums, we have a complete “Other” Community at Lifesupporters.com.

Not only are you free to register at Lifesupporters as well, you will also see a few of our regular Movie Talk members active within that Community.

Essentially Movie Talk offers you something no other site can boast, a discussion board for movies and an entire support structure for everything else at a well established, non-judgmental and supportive family friendly environment.

Movie Talk, Lifesupporters and eventually Good Samaritan aim to satisfy as many of your online needs as possible in a safe, supportive and family friendly environment.

Lastly, our communities are built by member suggestions just like yours. Over 50% of Lifesupporters.com forum offerings are all based on member input or feedback. Movie Talk looks to continue this trend as there really is no use in running a site unless it satisfies the needs of those who use it.

Stick with us, you’ll be glad you did!

Ken (aka Duke)
Lifesupporters/Movie-Talk Founder