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    Transformers 2007

    I have to admit, I didn't think this was going to be my kind of movie, but ended up watching it all and was quite surprised that I enjoyed it. I'm surprised to say this as well, that I would even watch it again.

    I liked this review:

    I was expecting a corny kids movie with decent acting and a fantastic, unrealistic plot. Needless to say the plot was indeed fantastic and unrealistic, but it was all kept in check with solid acting and the most incredible display of visual effects that I have EVER seen. Most...actually almost all of the acting credit in this movie has to go to Shia LaBeouf, whom is quickly becoming a Hollywood star after recently giving an excellent performance in the thriller "Disturbia". It was another great performance from Shia in "Transformers", with his clever wit still ever present.

    However, the most impressive aspect of "Transformers" was most certainly the special effects. The robot vs. robot fight scenes were, in a word, remarkable. I didn't know that modern day special effects could produce images so fantastic AND realistic, to the point where the robots didn't seem computer generated at all. The interaction between human and robot was beautiful and flawless. It seemed like the actors were actually interacting with real, 50 foot tall robots during the movie. "Transformers" will, without a doubt, be the pioneer for future cinematic visual effects.

    The plot may have been a little unrealistic and some of the acting a little sketchy at times, but it does not in any way override what was truly an entertaining movie. The plot simply stayed true as best it could to the cartoon story without becoming overly ridiculous or corny. When I say unrealistic, that does not mean "cartoon-corny". In fact, I would recommend that ANYONE over the age of 13 go to see this movie. I promise you won't be disappointed.
    Transformers (2007) - IMDb user reviews

    If you saw it, what did you think?

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    of course it was an awesome movie but did you have watched new transformer Dark of the Moon latest release it is also an awesome movie!!!

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    I really want to see the newest one.

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    I have watched all the previous part of this movie and after watch I must say it was awesome I wish the newer part of this movie is also good with lost of action sequence and animation graphics.

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    Behind you
    The latest Transformers is said to be the last that Shia LaBeouf will be starring in. Unlike Megan Fox though, he isn't being fired, he's leaving of his own accord.

    Apparently it's a really good movie and a still a hot property but is thought by some to be the epitome of "mindless summer trash".

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    All parts of this movie are awesome and all transformer movies are Hollywood big hits i like these movies and machines that transforms.
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    Yeah, I got all excited seeing Optimus Prime appear for the first time. BRought back some great memories playing with the toys.

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    The best movie I have ever seen. All time favorite.

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