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    Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

    I thought long and hard about posting this topic, but my curiosity about what you all think finally won out. I read a good article about Maria today and thought I would post the link and get some of your opinions:

    Last week the Los Angeles Times reported that Schwarzenegger had fathered a child with a longtime member of his household staff before he became governor. The story follows news of the couple's separation.
    The tragedy of this whole story is that Shriver fell into a classic female trap. She thought she had found a man who would deliver her from a toxic family pattern, only to discover that in the end, she married, well, another Kennedy.
    She deserved better.

    Shriver deserved better treatment | Statesman Journal |

    For myself, I think I've lost respect for Arnold. I really like him as an actor and somehow thought that their marriage was a good one. I find it hard to take in that there may have been more infidelities.

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    I share the same sentiment. How could you ever trust again when someone deceives you like that? That would be the hardest thing for me.

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    Well, they're divorced so I guess Maria couldn't trust him after that. Look at the bright side though, this whole thing spawned so many new Arnold jokes. lol

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