I'm a huge Clint Eastwood fan and he is the only reason I decided to watch it, not knowing too much about the film other than it was about a woman boxer. I like Hillary Swank, too, and finding out another great actor, Morgan Freeman, was in it; well, I was hooked even before the film began.

I LOVED the film! It's been awhile since one had made such an impression on me, the story line, the great acting! A movie that brings me to tears and stays with me for quite awhile is a great movie in my book.

"Million Dollar Baby" has great characters, but it doesn't glorify them. It has a wonderful story, but it never tries to impress you. The photography, score and direction is superb, but never distracting. What this movie is, if I have to call it something, is passion. Passion for film-making, passion for storytelling, passion for its characters, passion for its actors, and passion for its story and the means at which it will go to tell it. Amazing.
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