Newly Registered Members:

As of this posting, sees spam registration attempts by bots and/or nefarious users at an average ratio of 25:1 (25 bots for every 1 legitimate user). Sometimes depending on the day that figure can climb as high as 75:1.

In order to protect our valuable members, visitors and site, we're forced to lock things down a bit for all Newly Registered Users with 5 forum posts or less. Once you've passed 5 forum posts you will have full access to the forums regular features.

Users with 5 posts or less have limited access in the form of:

  • URL Posting and Offsite Linking Strictly Prohibited: Users are not permitted to post a url offsite for any reason until such time as 5 legitimate forum posts have been made (this is how we determine your human and not a spambot).
  • User Profile cannot be edited
  • Profile Customizations disabled
  • Signatures are not allowed
  • Photo Albums access denied
  • Picture uploading permissions disabled
  • Maximum of 5 total Stored Private Messages (including Inbox, Outbox and Sentbox)
  • Limited Calendar Permissions
  • Cannot Join or Create Groups

Once a member has surpassed 5 legitimate forum posts, the site will automatically move you to the next usergroup and unlock the boards features within 24 hours.

We apologize for having to do things this way but it's a never ending battle in the fight against spam. Spammers/bots/nefarious users are ever-present and some of the stuff they post can be particularly nasty and offensive. For this reason it's always a good idea to be pro-active in one's approach to policing this type of behavior.

Please Note: Any attempt to circumvent permission limits may result in an immediate and permanent ban from this site.

As an example, do not try to post a signature by creating your own line-break in posts and then add a link to your warez. We've seen this trick hundreds of times at and all we do is ban instantly for it.

We urge you to please follow our forum rules as they are in place to protect your interests and the interests of those around you.

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns, please do not hesitate to post them in our Suggestion Box or contact me directly via Private Message.

Thank you for your cooperation,