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Movie Review – The Armstrong Lie

Lance Armstrong: An ex fans perspective


Like Alex Gibney I personally felt even with Lance Armstrong in Hospitalevidence mounting against him that Lance Armstrong was clean. If this weren’t the case then why would he so vehemently defended himself?

In discussions when doping allegations against Lance were reaching there peak, I never failed to take Lance’s side. Like many, I turned a blind eye as I just didn’t want to believe it.

In my case, prior to Lance Armstrong I’d never had a sporting hero and none have surfaced since. He was a fighter who dominated arguably one of the most gruelingly beautiful events in sporting history.

Lance’s story was an inspiration to millions, he’s a cancer survivor who supported countless many through the Livestrong Foundation. He quite literally went from the death bed to Tour de France victory not once but 7 times.

How do you not root for a guy like this?

…and this is the problem in The Armstrong Lie, how is one supposed to interpret it? It’s such a mishmash of barely scratching the surface encapsulated in one giant finger pointing exercise. It’s nonsense and actually a bit insulting to watch.

My recommendation is if you are looking for any facts then look elsewhere, you will find little to none here. If you’re looking to hear details from Lance on the doping scandal I’d recommend waiting for a book or something else because it’s not here either.

The only thing you’ll get out of The Armstrong Lie is more of what we’ve already heard and sorry Lance, that just isn’t near enough.

Let us know when you’re ready to tell the full truth, until then consider (me at least) completely tuned out.

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