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Fighting Website Spam

April 23, 2011

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Fighting Spam at Movie Talk

It’s sad to say but even a website less than 3 months old has to suffer the ill effects of comment spam.

It’s enough of a task trying to build a web presence without having to deal with the immoral activities of spammers but unfortunately it’s the way of the web.

Benefiting from the experience of fighting spam at our sister site, Lifesupporters.com, Movie Talk is now automating much of our spam measures on our Movie Blog and in our Movie Forum.

Not only are we automating our spam fighting measures but we’re now sharing ALL spammer activity with the following databases:

  1. Stop Forum Spam
  2. Project Honey Pot
  3. Akismet

What this means to you:

If you are a legitimate user who wishes to share and discuss movies then you have nothing to worry about. Please allow us to roll out the red carpet and warmly welcome you! We wish to spend our time discussing movie related topics so if this is a passion you share, then welcome aboard!

If you are here to spam, peddle your warez and/or link drop, you’re not only going to be booted offsite, every footprint you leave as you trudge through our site will be shared with the databases listed above.

Rest assured, if your here to spam, we’re going to do all we can to ensure you not only cannot spam here but help limit your options across the entire www.


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