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April 15, 2011

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For those that visit regularly, you may notice that the overall aesthetic of Movie Talk is nearing completion. As pleased as we are with the look and feel, it really doesn’t matter unless you’re happy with it. Essentially, we’re hoping to hear how you feel we’re doing?

What we’re interested mostly right now is your feedback. We’d like to know what you think works at Movie Talk and what you think may not work? After all, there’s no point in doing all this if it doesn’t feel like home to those of you who spend your valuable time here.

Incidentally, a lot of the work being done the past few weeks has been all behind the scenes so sadly it has detracted from the Movie News Section. Rest assured, for those of you who’ve commented in favor of the current content, there is much more to come in the very near future. We’ll also likely be kicking off a new news category, “Celebrity News” shortly.

So please add your thoughts and let us know how you feel about what we’re doing here. All comments are welcome and each will be responded to individually in a timely fashion.

Regardless of whether you comment or not, I’d like to personally thank you for stopping by and giving us a moment of your time!

Kind regards,

Ken (aka Duke)
Lifesupporters.com Founder


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