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Movie Review – The Armstrong Lie

The Armstrong LieThe Armstrong Lie is a movie about Lance Armstrong’s rise and fall from grace. The movie is a fragmented journey of his life from youth, bedside and recovery after testicular cancer surgery, through his tour victories.

Lance provides much of the insight throughout the movie both in past and present.

Included are interviews from those either involved in the doping scandal and/or affected by Lance’s purported bullying tactics.

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Hush Movie Review

hush-mikeflanagain-still-stalkerHush is a horror/thriller from the same director that gave us Netflix Oculus. Hush is movie revolving around a young author named Maddie Young.

The major plot point in this film is that Maddie is mute and living alone in house in the woods while she works on her latest novel.

Hush Movie Reviewed by Paul and Ken

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Skyfall Movie Review

If you believe what many of the the critics are telling you, Skyfall reviewed as one of the best Bond movies ever rocketing Daniel Craig well beyond both Moore and Connery.

As of this review, Skyfall is being advertised as the most popular movie in the world.

Does Skyfall live up to all the hype, we shall see?

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Cloud Atlas Review

Cloud Atlas suggests individual actions influence our lives and those around us through the past, present and future. Its 6 individual stories span from the mid 1800’s to 22nd Century Korea and are all linked together in one form or another.

Did Cloud Atlas successfully entwine these stories in a convincing and entertaining manner or did it simply spend close to 3 hours confusing the hell out of us?

Cloud Atlas Review Con’t…