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    Toy Story

    So how can you have an animated TV Forum where the guest of honour isnt Toy Story? It just isnt possible.

    Toy Story is just an amazing triology and the adventures of Buzz Lightyear and his friends has warmed the hearts of kids and adults alike.

    "To Infinity.....and Beyond"

    When Toy Story came out it was virtually impossible tp walk down any street or in any shopping centre and not hear this being screamed from the mouths of children. If you didnt get Buzz Lightyear from Sanata, well you had been a real brat all year and everyone knew it.

    Granted Toy Story 2 & 3 were probably never as big but having seen Toy Story 3 only a few weeks ago, i can admit to thoroughly enjoying it.

    An amazing triology and one that every kid and adult should see

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    I am admitting here for all to see that the first time I saw a preview for "Toy Story" I wasn't at all enamoured and vowed never to see it. Once I did, however, I was hooked! I have yet to see all three though.

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    I loved Toy Story 1 and Toy Story 2 but I never got the chance to see Toy Story 3. I loved the way Pixar breathed life into toys, gave them their own personalities and identities, and then showed the bond between them and their child.

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    All these movies are awesome, Great movies these are.

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    Every time "Toy Story" is on television and even though I only catch a snippet here and there, I enjoy it more all the time.

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    One of my favorite animated movies! The 3rd one made me cry like a baby. Not Big Baby though!

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    Toy Story is one of my favorite movies, really. I still love it

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