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    Your Choice for Most Versatile Actor/Actress

    Which actor/actress do you like to see in any movie they are in regardless of the role they play?

    My first choice is Johnny Depp for the actor and Meryl Streep for the actress. In days gone by it used to be Bette Davis who could do a dying scene that would leave me in tears for days, or playing a bad, mean woman, too.

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    I really like Angelina Jolie. She's an amazing bad-ass female in any role she takes on. It's not because she's beautiful but I think she has it in her makeup to be the the different characters she plays and is convincing while doing so. I think Nicholas Cage is awesome too. He's had some bad movies recently but his charisma is just the same. He's just different.

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    Hugh Jackman personifies versatile in my view. His female equivalent is Cate Blanchette.

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    Hugh Jackman is best in my opinion. I really like Hugh very much.

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