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Hush Movie Review

hush-mikeflanagain-still-stalkerHush is a horror/thriller from the same director that gave us Netflix Oculus. Hush is movie revolving around a young author named Maddie Young.

The major plot point in this film is that Maddie is mute and living alone in house in the woods while she works on her latest novel.

Hush Movie Reviewed by Paul and Ken

Paul’s Hush Movie Review

The killer finds out about Maddie’s condition while carrying out another gruesome attack and subsequent murder on Maddie’s next door neighbor.

If that wasn’t terrifying enough, it actually ended up happening right against Maddie’s front door. This ultimately leads to a survival plot with Maddie having to try to outsmart this brutal killer.

*Spoilers Below*

One thing I think this movie did really well was show the audience the use of technology. We have all seen the movie where people just happen to “lose a phone” in the most inopportune time, or the battery dies, but this movie embraces technology. There’s always a chance that the inclusion of technology could hinder or thwart the plot line, but the writers really dealt with this well. The plans throughout the film are thought out and believable.

Maddie’s character was somewhat Hush masked killersurprising; for one, we never see the ending of her book. Her writers block follows her, like a looming, clingy shadow throughout the entirety of the movie. She suffers from a crippling lack of imagination, and in turn, cannot outwit the killer, which was quite frankly disappointing.

Even Kevin McAllister of Home Alone fame would have come up with better battle plans than this published author. I was under the impression that in order to create story, you had to have the capacity to imagine much more easily. She just simply didn’t do enough to try to protect herself.

There was some very obvious foreshadowing  at the beginning of the film (I’m referring to the fire alarm), and really this was the only interesting attack. The car alarm idea and the wasp spray were not bad, but they were not excellent either. Come on Maddie, stick a lighter in front of that aerosol and spread some weapons around the house.

Use that writer’s imagination.

Overall, I found this movie pretty plain. Using a mute main character gives the film some interesting elements but ultimately the plot was going to go one of two ways: either the victim was going to die, or the assailant was going to die.

We all know which one of those outcomes is most likely in a film like this (RIP, assailants of film history).

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