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Hush Movie Review

Ken’s Hush Movie Review

For the most part it’s quite simple to write a movie review. Typically your convictions are strong enough they easily reinforce your point of view. After all, we all know what we like/dislike and it’s usually very simple to communicate the why.

Unfortunately I find it difficult to articulate how I feel about the movie Hush. I liked the premise, loved the first 30 minutes (with a few exceptions) however spent much of the movie questioning if what’s presented was even plausible.

So how do I share this with you fine people?

I think one way to determine how you’ll feel about Hush rests in what you look for in a movie. If you fall under one of the types I’ve listed below it may give you a sense of how you’ll like the movie.

  1. I don’t want to think I just want to be entertained: Hush will thrill you.
  2. I’ll watch it first and consider it later: You will like much of the movie initially but start to question it later.
  3. I need to be entertained but only in a believable manner: You will like the first 20 – 30 minutes only and then spend several more hours ripping it apart in your mind.

Spoilers galore, beware!

Hush has a very good premise; attractive single writer who happens to be mute, living alone, moderately secluded.Hush Movie - The worlds first laptop that does not reflect images.

I must admit, I find Kate Siegel (Maddie) kinda haut. If you took Angelina Jole and mixed her with Bambi’s mother you’d have this chick; a good 6.5 on the wood scale.

She has a very, very close, compassionate female neighbor you love immediately and know will be slaughtered like a lamb in no time.

Then you have the killer who, lets face it, looks like a complete bad-ass. He’s all into close combat and melee style execution but only after psychologically tormenting his victims.

Hush Movie Laptop SceneThere’s this scene where he gets into the house, nabs her cell phone and e-mails her pictures of herself while she’s on her laptop.

She sees them, gives us the “deer in headlights”, then gets up to see the masked killer displaying her phone just outside the patio door.

Seriously, awesome at this point!

She locks him out and tries to plead with Hush Movie - Cell phone scenehim via a lipstick message on the door.

His response is to unmask virtually stating the only way out of this is in a body bag.


…but, it’s almost completely downhill from this point. Parts of the terrific 30 minute buildup reemerge only to poke holes in the remaining story.

It’s almost as if Hush is two separate movies, a thriller with the mask and a drama without.

The remainder of the movie feels like filler and is dragged out as long as possible. My guess is it was an attempt at adding suspense but the pacing was off so it felt a bit boring.

I found myself filling much of this time trying to link the first 30 minutes in and that just made things worse. Inconsistencies started popping up and once you start to notice there is just no way to stay in it.

As an example, at one point the killer states he can reenter the house anytime he wants.

This is a complete lie.

He did nothing to secure a reentry point when he was originally inside. I guess his plan was to throw a rock through the window or something but whatever it was it was stupid.

His first physical confrontation with Maddie ends in him getting the claw end of a hammer stuck in his forearm. The entire sequence was actually quite well done but neither character evolved from it.

He pulls a hammer out of his forearm and then calmly resumes circling the place to what, terrorize her more? Seriously, I find this lack of affermative action disturbing and not authentic in the least.

Not to mention Maddie learned nothing from this. You think she’d be so amped up on adrenalye and positive energy she’d think up more ways to hurt the guy both in and outside the home.

After all she is a career writer for crying out loud, where’s her imagination? I can think of numerous ways to critically hurt if not kill an intruder in my home, a few of which involve fire. If I had a two story house like hers I’d be raining down fire on his head.

How does a career writer who apparently had 7 possible endings considered for her previous book, not come up with one tangible idea on how to deal with this guy?

I remember early on thinking to myself that he’s in major trouble. The killer is in way over his head trying to match wits with a carreer writer trapped in a home full of supplies.

Nope, not so.

They levelled the playing field by making her frightened stupid which sucks. This movie could easily have been about role reversal and her terrorizing him.

That would have been epic and is the movie I’d have loved to see!

Another oddity was the ridiculous, earth shattering, fire detector we learn about in the beginning of the movie. Protected in case of fire, check; protected in case of home invasion?

It seems to me that if you’re a financially independent deaf mute who lives alone you’d invest in an alarm system to protect yourself.

Made worse is the vibrations of this smoke detector are enough to alert her in the event of fire. OK I’ll buy that but assuming this is the case, how did the vibrions of her best friend being squewered against her patio door not alert her to trouble?

In fact, she was literally standing right there and should have seen it happening as mute does not equate to loss of peripheral vision.

Don’t people who’ve lost a sense gain in other senses?

I thought this was a thing, no?

…and it gets so much worse. My good friend Paul arleady alluded to the bug spray in the eye incident and I believe it was kind of him to stop there.

There were some other doozies like a Matrix moment with an arrow in her leg, shattering glass here but not there, and even a ridiculous Exorcist’ish type moment.

The inconsistencies combined with the lack of authenticity in some areas really took me out of it. It’s too bad too because this movie really had amazing potential.

Did I hate Hush, no?

Would I recommend it, um, well that’s a toughie? It’s not a bad movie by any means and I think would be fun to watch with someone who scares easily in a dark room.

Aside from that it’s not the worst movie I’ve ever seen and given all the positive reviews I’ve read about Hush I’m very curious as to how you ultimately feel about the movie.

If you do decide to watch the Hush please do me favor and leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading!


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