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Movie Review – The Armstrong Lie

The Armstrong LieThe Armstrong Lie is a movie about Lance Armstrong’s rise and fall from grace. The movie is a fragmented journey of his life from youth, bedside and recovery after testicular cancer surgery, through his tour victories.

Lance provides much of the insight throughout the movie both in past and present.

Included are interviews from those either involved in the doping scandal and/or affected by Lance’s purported bullying tactics.

It’s worth mentioning The Armstrong Lie, while technically a documentary, I’ve purposely labelled as a movie. I believe Lance Armstrongdocumentaries examine and educate us on an idea.

The Armstrong Lie does not do this.

Instead we’re afforded brief glimpses over several topics with details never given.

Ultimately I believe what you take from The Armstrong Lie is largely dependent on what you’re looking for.

I went in needing to hear what Lance had to say about the doping scandal. I want all the juicy details Lance, anything less won’t do.

Others may be looking for insight into doping within the Tour while others still may be looking beyond what Lance told us on Oprah.

Did he do this though, let’s look a bit deeper.

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