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Movie Review – The Armstrong Lie

The Armstrong Lie: Synopsis

The Armstrong Lie is a series of clips, interviews and narratives meant to tell a story.

Lance Armstrong 2009 Podium

Initially the project was about Lance’s triumphant return to The Tour in 2009. The project was inevitably shelved due to his role in the doping scandal.

After coming clean on Oprah, Lance attempts to set the record straight with Director Alex Gibney all presented to us in The Armstrong Lie.

The problem is Alex was clearly a fan of Armstrong’s at one point in time and it ruined any attempt to present a clear narrative. At many points in the story I had no idea what I was watching?

Was this a story about Lance, a story about doping, an apology or just a PR campaign as a form of damage control?

Honestly I don’t know?

What came across was Lance’s attempt to validate his role in doping as “everyone in professional cycling was doing it”.

Having said that there was one thing about The Armstrong Lie I believe I understood.

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