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Skyfall Movie Review

If you believe what many of the the critics are telling you, Skyfall reviewed as one of the best Bond movies ever rocketing Daniel Craig well beyond both Moore and Connery.

As of this review, Skyfall is being advertised as the most popular movie in the world.

Does Skyfall live up to all the hype, we shall see?

With one word I can give you the most accurate Skyfall Movie Review you will ever read and the word is…


Yup that’s right folks, Skyfall is one enormously over-hyped disappointment however your opinion may vary widely depending on how you perceive Bond.

I view Bond as a skirt chasing womanizer who’s sexual prowess is only equaled by his determination to complete the mission at virtually any cost.  What also makes Bond unique (at least for me) is Q Branch and the gadgets which are getting more and more rare with each passing Bond.

In fact there was so little of what I consider to be Bond in Skyfall that if 007 was never mentioned you wouldn’t even know it’s a Bond Movie.

The real paradox is that Skyfall is not a terrible movie by any means; in fact, it’s actually quite good if measured on its own. Skyfall does an excellent job of flushing out the relationship between 007 and M however it does so by ignoring most everything else that makes a Bond Movie interesting.

Just to elaborate, you’d have to be a complete moron to miss that M has a soft spot for Bond over the past 2 Movies and in Skyfall they really ran with it. The problem is that the Bond between M and 007 (see what I did there) just isn’t all that interesting. Bond didn’t even sleep with her, not that I wanted him to, but 007 slept with 2 women in Skyfall; one which he shacked up with when assumed KIA at the beginning of the movie.


As I’ve already alluded to Bond is about 2 things and 2 things only, chicks and gadgets. Throw in a completely delusional yet somehow understandable bad guy, a dry martini shaken not stirred, some fight scenes and some wicked chase scenes and you have 007.

Unfortunately we have no more Pussy Galore, little to no gadgets, little to no humor, no Q Branch in virtually every country and no intrigue. All we’re left with is the beautiful locals, the beautiful cinematography and the familiar musical score, everything else is primarily gone.

We also have an incredibly buff Bond. Don’t get me wrong, I love Daniel Craig but he has a gym body and I can’t remember any Bond Movie where he actually spend time at the gym lifting; it’s just never happened.

I hate saying it because I sound like a sexist pig but the Bond of today is a nearly unidentifiable action hero for women to oogle at and nothing more.

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