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Star Wars Rogue One Trailer 2

Star Wars Rogue OneThe second trailer to the much anticipated Star Wars story Rogue One is here. The new trailer reveals how Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) is connected to the Death Star plans and the Empire.

This trailer dives right into the story and tells us more about the plot than we previously knew.

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Hush Movie Review

hush-mikeflanagain-still-stalkerHush is a horror/thriller from the same director that gave us Netflix Oculus. Hush is movie revolving around a young author named Maddie Young.

The major plot point in this film is that Maddie is mute and living alone in house in the woods while she works on her latest novel.

Hush Movie Reviewed by Paul and Ken

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The Thing – Defining the Lore

The Thing NewsWe’ve been afforded brief glimpses into the world of The Thing but what do we really know about it?

Sadly, the creator of this Science Fiction Masterpiece is no longer with us and the novella is (I believe) purposely vague.

The intentional vagueness of this subject matter allows us to draw our own conclusions of which there are many. For proof all you need do is engage in discussions surrounding John Carpenters 1982 version of The Thing.

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Movie Talk back online

Movie TalkAs some of you may have noticed, Movie Talk was taken offline for an extended period of time.

There were many factors that necessitated the suspension of Movie Talk but now I’m happy to report most of the issues are safely behind us.

The focus now is to add original content to the Blog while offering a Movie Forum for all arm chair film critics to agree to disagree.

…and of course button up the theme as it’s still a bit ugly :0/.

Thank you for your patience and welcome back to Movie Talk!