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The Thing – Defining the Lore

The Thing NewsWe’ve been afforded brief glimpses into the world of The Thing but what do we really know about it?

Sadly, the creator of this Science Fiction Masterpiece is no longer with us and the novella is (I believe) purposely vague.

The intentional vagueness of this subject matter allows us to draw our own conclusions of which there are many. For proof all you need do is engage in discussions surrounding John Carpenters 1982 version of The Thing.

The interpretive nature of this subject matter leads the story in many different directions over the course of 3 motion pictures and a video game. All have their perspective “vision” so it’s critical to differentiate between what is a plot device and what is actually consistent, or plausible, based from the original novella.

This series of articles will extrapolate the interpretive depictions of the aforementioned medias and set them aside as a foundation for building the lore.

Once done, we’ll use this data to draw our own conclusions of what “The Thing” actually is and how it survives.

Given this is an interstellar organism that easily populates new worlds the task at hand may prove quite daunting indeed.

I ask you kindly understand dear reader this process is also highly interpretive in nature and may vary from the ideals you hold true.

At no time is is this subject matter intended to challenge anything other than your imagination and fuel discussion.

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